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Gyro Screen

Gyro Screen

From Ahmedabad, we are regarded as the top-notch Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the Gyro Screens across the globe. Built to perform unsurpassable for a long life, these Gyro Screens conform to the best applicable standards. Furthermore, for client’s facilitation, we furnish them in tailored configurations. Also, we quote almost insignificant prices.

Details : The Gyro Screen incorporates the advance technology in screening machine. This machine is useful to screen the dry powder or wet medium. It is useful in solid-solid separation, solid classification or solid -liquid separation. Three components of mechanical vibration like horizontal, vertical and circular give an edge over conventional screen. Gyratory motion is produced by rigid screening device that vibrates with screen above its center of mass. Machine consists of a circular table, which is an assembly of the number of decks with screens, and spacing frames equipped with discharge spout. Screen held in uniform tension in all direction by a center support. These wholes mass suspended on coil springs allow unit to vibrate freely and also give thrust to screening unit by its own compression and decompression. At the same time it also prevents transmission of vibration to the floor. Vibration is motivated by specially designed vertical vibrating motor, beneath the whole assembly and inside the rigid housing. Motor has extended shaft on both side on which eccentric weights are mounted. As shaft rotates it also rotate eccentric weights and this eccentricity gives vibration to whole unit.


Principle : Material required to be classified is charged as thin bed into the upper deck over the screen. Coarser particles remain over screen, while fines pass through the screen and enter into lower deck. Particles over each screen in each deck are discharged automatically from individual discharge spout of each deck. Rotation of top eccentric mass causes vibration in horizontal plane and if it is increased, it will increase horizontal throw on screen will cause the over size material to discharge at faster rate. The lower weight causes vibration in vertical plane and tangential plane. It is desirable to promote maximum vertical vibration in order to dislodge material and to clean the screen. The tangential component of vibration and hence circular motion of particles in the screen are controlled by the angular position of the top and bottom eccentric weights to give better screening efficiency.

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